Bollybites brings to you an exotic blend of Indian and Asian cuisine, bursting with the flavour of spices in every bite. We do not use onions or garlic and only select the best ingredients for our dishes, to deliver that unique Bollybites taste in just minutes.

Established in 2005, Goldaz Catering Pte Ltd started off with the provision of packed meals for foreign workers in the Construction and Marine Industries. Over the years, she has grown into a forerunner in this niche industry, supplying over 12,000 packed meals daily.

Currently, she has expanded her operations as a food manufacturer, specializing in a combination of local delights and her signature Indian “Ready- to- eat” frozen meals.

We select only the very best ingredients for our products and combine them to deliver that distinct “BollyBites” taste.

All our products are vegetarian friendly. Further,we refrain from using onions and garlic in our dishes so as to complement the beliefs of the Bhuddists and Jains .

Our products are also ISO 22000 and Halal certified.

All products are manufactured and marketed under the brand “BollyBites”. Apart from this, Goldaz also undertakes contract manufacturing of house brands for major retailers both locally and abroad.

Riding on the growing demand for vegetarian products, Goldaz hopes to establish its products as a mainstay in Supermarkets, Wet Markets and Minimarts Island wide.

Our Mission Statement:

“To contribute towards building a kinder and greener Earth by offering more options and greater convenience readily available to vegetarians”

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